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London, United Kingdom

I perceive the world as a canvas of interconnected dimensions, blending dots, lines, and shadows to construct intricate landscapes.
I approach design holistically, weaving together insights to craft engaging experiences. Balancing creativity with a pragmatic mindset, I merge the artistic with the analytical, offering a unique perspective in design.

#EdTech #MedTech #NFT #MachineLearning #TechInnovator #CuriousMind #LifelongLearner

What I love about life✨

Besides design work, I also love creating things with my hands; whether it's making pottery, beading, drawing or flower arrangement.

post paint drawing
handmade pottery cup
My  Specialties

Simplicity Maven

Translating Complexity into Understandable Solutions

Adaptable Solutions

Tailoring Designs Across Diverse Industries Needs

Creative Sprinkle

Adding a Dash of Creativity to Tailored Solutions

Recent Projects

Let's collab!

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